why parents choose courses for their children

Every parent wants the  best for their children. Parents often help children to make the right  choices in many aspects of life. But what happens when a parent decides  what career path his or her child should take?

children who have been pushed into doing a course or pursuing a career  they are not interested in, have limited chances of succeeding both at  school and in the professional world.
“Do not force a child to do  a course they are not interested in. You are likely to regret this when  the child does not succeed and puts the blame on you,”

“Sit down and listen to the child and find out why they are opposing the idea and reach an agreement.”
Parents should ask themselves whether the child has the potential to do what they want them to do.
With a mismatch in the career, the productivity of such an  individual is likely to be low.
“Motivating a person who is in a  profession they did not choose is hard. Such people’s concentration at  work is very low. They may not be as innovative as a person who likes  their career,”
Forcing a child into a profession is identity persecution.  One is denied a chance to come into contact with the profession of their  choice and people that share the same calling passionately.

Such  a person’s potential in that field may never be tapped and developed.

Parents need to help children identify their unique potential and  talents right from a tender age. They should find ways of how best to  grow, protect and promote their potential.
“Some parents associate particular courses with failure. But every profession has got people with success stories.
Pushing a child into doing a course or  pursuing a career against their will is wastage of time and resources.

“Such  a child may drop the course or go ahead and graduate, but keep the  documents and start afresh in pursuing the career of their choice. Time  and money spent educating someone who will later change careers is a big  waste,”

why parent want children to follow into their footsteps.

Some parents want their  children to follow in their footsteps. If a parent is paying your school  fees and insists that you must study a course, you have to obey. I  believe much as a parent wants a child to succeed in life; they should  leave children to choose courses/careers they want.

Such  parents want the children to take on careers they associate with  success, compared to careers where workers are paid peanuts. However, I  believe such a decision is not right. If a child hates it and performs  poorly at school or work, the child will always blame the parents for  their failure in life.

Some  courses are not marketable in the country and earn little pay. There is  no parent who would want their child to become unemployed after  studying. Parents choose courses which they believe are marketable and  can help their child easily find a job.

Some  parents want children to take after them so that after school, a parent  can work with the child or find a job for the child easily in the field  where they already have connections.

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