5 Reasons Why Teenagers Should Have an After-School Job

When your children become teenagers it’s time to start considering an after-school job. Not all parents feel that their teenagers should have to get a job, but it could be in their best interest to have a job, whether they need the money or not.

1-Responsibility- All teens need to learn about responsibility. When your teen has a job they are responsible for getting themselves to work on time (or arranging transportation via you or a friend), doing their job correctly while they are there and making sure that they can continue to keep up with their schoolwork. Having an after-school job is a fantastic way to teach your teenager about responsibility.

2-Money Management- All teenagers love the idea of having their own money, that’s why they always seem to have their hands out when you walk by them. By allowing your teenager to have an after-school job you are allowing them to learn a little bit about money management. If they are saving up for their first car they will have to manage how much money they can allow themselves to spend, as well as how much they should save out of each week’s paycheck in order to reach their goal. Your teenager will quickly realize that they can’t spend every coin  that they make if they want to have the something special that they are saving up for. Not to mention, you can’t spend all of your paycheck on Friday night if you are going out on Saturday too.

3-A Taste of the Real World- While having an after-school job at garage  may not feel like the “real world” to the parents, it certainly does for your teenager. Having an after-school job will give your teenager a taste of what life would be like when they are grown and they have to be a responsible employee, no matter where they work. Your teen will have to figure out how to pay their “bills” while having a little spending money. Your teen will have to find a place to cash their paycheck each week and even how to manage a bank account, if you allow them to have one.

4-A Job Keeps Them Out of Trouble- You are probably saying “Teens will get into trouble whether they have a job or not”. You are right, but it is less likely that your teenager will get into trouble if they are working five evenings a week, especially if you give them a curfew for after work. Depending on how long the drive from work to home is, you could allow your teen an extra 30 minutes to 1 hour to get home after work. This will insure that they won’t feel rushed but that they should still get home on time. Of course, if you are taking your teenager to and from work everyday you won’t have to worry about them getting home by curfew. We all know that teenagers like to stay up late at night and then sleep late the next morning. Try to make sure that your teenager is getting home from work early enough in the evening so as to not affect their morning wake-up time for school.

5-Hardwork is Good for Them- You know the saying, “a little hard work never hurt anyone”. I completely agree with that saying, especially when it comes to a teenager having an after-school job. There is no reason  why  teens  shouldn’t have some sort of job, either after-school, on the weekends or just during their  vacation. It’s a good idea to show your teenager that hardwork is what it takes to accomplish everything in their life. They can’t learn the meaning of hardwork if everything is handed to them. What will they expect when they are out on their own if they have never had to work hard for what they wanted?

In the end, it is a good idea for all teenagers to have an after-school job. If they aren’t able to handle a job after school then they should definitely have a  job when school is out. All teenagers, no matter what their parents’ financial situation, should have a job. They will need the practice and experience before they do get out into the real world.

There are far too many teenagers in the world today that expect things to be handed to them on a silver platter. Hardwork? What’s hardwork? Teach your teenagers that life is what you make of it. I don’t mean to sound mean ,  but every parent should make their kids to do  an after-school job so they can buy things for themselves . Show your teenager what it means to be a responsible human being in the world today and they will thank you for it in the future

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