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To the African Teenagers , life is in technicolor . To us your world is sensitive, moody and often dangerous. As your hormones kick into high gear, you may go from feeling manic and on top of the world to depressed and at the bottom of the barrel, all in a matter of moments.

Sometimes African Teenagers have worked hard to convince adults that they don’t want them “butting into their lives”.

On the surface this is true! But deep down you do want to share with us your fears, joys and dreams.┬áThe main reason you don’t just open up is that adults /parents discourage it with analysis, judgement and lecture.

To cover up, you make those weird funny faces like parents are the one’s from another planet. :)

Sometimes you turn to your peers for support and guidance. Not all these peers give good advice. They have more experience as children than as adults.

That is why here at African Teenagers our challenge is to get to know you gracefully, without raising your defences.

Share with us your fears, joys and dreams and we will share with you some of the wisdom we have learned since adolescence.

You have more experience as children than as adults that is why once in trouble , you draw on childish ways more often than adult ways as you are more familiar with childish ways.

Do not hesitate to contact us for support and guidance! We are here to help, support and guide you!